The Magic of Reupholstery: Make Your Chairs Beautiful Again
2 Jul

The Magic of Reupholstery: Make Your Chairs Beautiful Again

“Looks like new!”  “Gorgeous work!”  “My whole room looks better!”

We hear these words all the time from our customers who reupholster their chairs.

Reupholstery is the easiest way to update your quality furniture. Here’s why:


Select the perfect fabric

Why limit yourself to a few swatches offered with most new furniture when you can choose from thousands of fabrics. We’ll help you find the right color, style and design to compliment your room. Trust us; it’s amazing how current fabric can turn an old chair from drab to fab!


Keep your quality furniture

One of the biggest reasons to reupholster your existing furniture is the quality is probably much better than new furniture of a similar price.

The truth is furniture quality has been declining rapidly for the last 15 – 20 years. A lot of new furniture has cardboard and plastic inside, inferior spring systems, and much less wood than in previous decades.

If you are trying to decide whether to buy new or reupholster, start by picking up the corner of your current furniture and notice the weight. At the furniture store, pick up the corner of a comparable piece and notice the weight. Most likely you’ll find that the weight of the new furniture will be dramatically less than your furniture demonstrating the lack of quality. There is a very high correlation between furniture weight and furniture quality in upholstered pieces.


Bring new life to family heirlooms

You may not love the style of grandma’s chair, but that doesn’t mean you want to get rid of it. Reupholstering an older piece is a great way to make it more current and blend with your décor. Mixing and matching different styles of furniture within a similar color palette is a great way to keep your décor fresh. Mix textures and patterns too.


Spend the same or less than purchasing new

Reupholstery is usually very cost effective. When trying to decide between buying new and reupholstering your existing pieces, determine how much a new chair will cost versus the cost of fabric and labor. Here’s a range of reupholstery pricing:

Simple dining chair seat- $50 + 0.75 yards of our fabric
Standard Sofa –    $845 + 20 yards of our fabric
Wingback chair – $525  + 8 – 10 yards of our fabric


Ready to Reupholster? Done in 6 Easy Steps!

  1. Come to one of our stores
  2. Show us a photo of your furniture on your phone
  3. Get an estimate of the fabric requirements and the reupholstery cost
  4. Select your fabric. We can help find the perfect one!
  5. Relax as our upholsterers pick up your furniture at your home and bring it to their workshop
  6. Enjoy your professionally reupholstered piece delivered to your home!

Our upholsterers are skilled craftspeople who have many years of experience guaranteeing you quality finished furniture … and satisfaction!


Come in today and visit our custom design gallery to see more examples.